Anxiety & Burnout Treatments in Cary

NAD+ for Anxiety and Burnout

Living in fear is not how anyone should live their life. Feeling the fight or flight instincts kick in when you’re not in danger not only does extreme damage to you, it also affects everyone around you. Living in a state of fear, not knowing when you’ll be triggered and stress is extremely damaging to your mind, body and soul. It can be damaging to your relationships, your job and your whole life. It’s time you got your life back and with the help of NAD+, you can get your life back fast and start living without fear again.

What is NAD+?

The active enzyme, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinuleotide, or NAD+, is a form of Vitamin B3 (niacin). Vitamin B3 is a key enzyme in cell function and energy production as well as a neurotransmitter function and production. When someone suffers from trauma or PTSD, the brain can unexpectedly regenerate terrifying experiences from one’s past even when they are safe. NAD+ resets your brain to help you overcome these past traumatic episodes.

NAD+ Doctors in Cary NC

Hydrate Medical® owners, Jonathan A. Leake, M.D. and Keith Parris, ACNP-BC, have over 30 combined years of emergency medicine experience. They have witnessed the healing effects of NAD+ as a treatment for PTSD and trauma.

Allow us to help you or a loved one suffering from PTSD in our clinic located in Cary, NC. You’ll be under the care and supervision of an emergency trained RN and one of our providers (NP or MD) trained in advanced management and experienced in NAD+ administration. Click here to learn more about our NAD+ infusion.


  • Twice weekly 3-4 hour infusions
  • Customized IV vitamin and nutrient infusion
  • Focus on supporting/restoring healthy brain function and healthy body
  • $425/drip and it includes a Hydrate Recovery vitamin drip before each treatment
  • As a way to honor our veterans, we will take 25% off the cost of treatment

Referral and continued care from a psychiatrist or PCP are required for this treatment.

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